Buyer Services

Buyers securing the services of Steve Kewin & associates inc. in the purchase of investment property, be it via Buyer brokerage or the more traditional Seller brokerage, receive the following commitment and value added services…

The Right Property…

We listen. You identify your needs. If you are not exactly sure what you want, we help you define and set realistic investment objectives. We are members of organized real estate and subscribe to various services that help us quickly source and identify suitable target property, both those listed for sale and the quieter, less exposed opportunities.

We maintain a database of both apartment and commercial properties covering most of Ontario. We also maintain strong working relationships with other professionals in the real estate investment brokerage community, ensuring their cooperation in co-brokering target investment properties.

We can move quickly and efficiently supported by the most current computer technologies. Gross revenue, operating expense, net operating income (NOI), after debt service cash flow and “what if” analysis can be done quickly, aiding in the decision making process.

We can prepare simple or complex offers to purchase, whatever is required to do the job, all the while working cooperatively with the buyer’s solicitor.

The Right Service…

We continue to provide service after the agreement of purchase and sale has been negotiated. Due diligence materials are turned over to the buyer in an organized fashion, permitting as smooth a due diligence review as the deal will allow.

We facilitate the arrangement of acquisition financing as may be required, and offer assistance and guidance in the review of historical financial documentation.

As required, we work with the solicitors on both sides of the transaction to ensure you close as smoothly and trouble free as possible.

After the Deal…

We believe in the value of long-term business relationships and to that end offer a no cost written opinion of value on the property purchased, once a year as requested, for as long as the Buyer owns the property.

Steve Kewin & associates inc. provides not only traditional “Seller brokerage” but also “Buyer brokerage.” There is a significant difference between the two. In Buyer brokerage, the Buyer, not the Seller is the broker’s principal, the one to whom he owes his first duty. This is especially effective when a Buyer identifies a target property that is clearly overpriced and / or there is a lack of confidence in the broker representing the Seller. (Buyer brokerage can be more fully discussed upon Buyer request.)

Steve Kewin Real Estate Broker CCIM

J. Stephen (Steve) Kewin

President and Broker of Record, CCIM


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Looking to invest, or considering a sale of your property? Contact Steve Kewin in confidence about investment properties currently available or a no obligation professional opinion of the current market value of your property or portfolio.